What are Plastic Bags?

plastic bags

A plastic bag is a container, usually with a tubular construction, made of flexible plastic film. Bags can be preformed and filled and sealed (or not sealed) later or can be formed at the filling and sealing operation.

How Plastic Bags are made?

Plastic is a by-product of oil refining. Plastic bags are prilimnary made from polyethylene (also knows as polythene), which comes from oil refineries as small resin pellets.

  1. A machine heats the pellet to about 180 degree C and pulls out from it a long, thin tube of cooling plastic.
  2. A hot bar is dropped on the tube at intervals, melting a line
  3. Each melted line becomes the bottom of one bag and the top of another.
  4. The sections are cut out and a hole for the bag's handles is stamped in each piece

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How to look knowledgeable about plastic bags

Wholesale Plastic Bags and Poly Bags

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Vest Carrier Bags

From biodegradable, normal and recycled carrier bags to normal vest shaped carriers, these bags are necessary for most smaller shopping operations or garden centres. Talk to us about personalising them for a big client experience!

Eliminating plastic bags on PC to-do list

Premier Brian Pallister said the province has been considering the elimination of plastic bags for a few time.

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Details about   compostable display bags 76/125x229 mm x 10

compostable display bags 76/125x229 mm x 10

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Cook's Note: The falafels can be frozen in packaging supplierble plastic bags for up to 1 month. Reheat in a toaster oven or 150°C oven until warmed through and crisp.

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Printed Carrier Bags

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Composition of Plastic bags

Bags can be made of many different materials.

  1. Polyethylene is the most common: LDPE(low density polythene), HDPE(high density polythene), LLDPE(liner low density polythene), etc
  2. Polypropylene, OPP (oriented poly propylene), etc
  3. Coextrusions of multiple layers to improve physical properties and optimize material usage
  4. Laminations for better mechanical or barrier properties such as Nylon and LDPE for vacuum packaging
  5. Woven plastic fibers, usually orientied polypropylene
  6. Specialty bag materials such as plasticized PVC (blood bags), Tyvek (sterilized medical supplies), cellophane, etc.

Most are heat sealed together. Some are bonded with adhesives or are stitched.


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Types of Plastic bags

Below is a short list of some of the more common types of plastic bags.

Back Seal:

Polyethylene sheeting is folded and sealed along the back to form a tube. Bags are cut and bottom sealed. Required for wrap-around printing. Gusset available.

Bottom Seal:

Bags are cut individually from seamless tubing and sealed at the bottom. Available in flat or side gusset bags. This is the strongest seal available and is suggested for heavy-duty use and with additives, for leak-proof applications.

Compartment Bags:

Bag is sealed into separate compartments, or pockets, for multiple unit packaging per bag.

Door Knob Bags:

Side weld bag, staple packed with perforated lip and a hole just below the top of the bag.

Flat Sheeting:

Flat sheeting for wrapping, lining, or dividing layers.

Flip-Top Bags:

Side weld bag with a fold over lip.

Header Bags:

Side weld with continuous seal along top width located 2"-3" below the fold. The bag is loaded and sealed from the bottom. A reinforced header is available.

Header Packs:

Side weld bag, perforated top lip, stapled to header card. The bags are used with semi-automatic bag opening machinery or in manual operations. Usually packed 100 bags per card.

Perforated Rolls:

Continuous roll of seamless tubing perforated at specified lengthsto easy tear-off. Top opening can be above or below perforation. They need a minimum of storage space and are used for bin liners, pallet covers, and "long" bags. Can be used with automated bagging equipment.

Pre-Opened Bags on Rolls: 

Each bag is connected to, and separated from, other bags by a perforation. The difference is that the perforation has been opened during the manufacturing process on one side so a product can easily be put into the bag while still connected to the roll. Allows for easy open/fill/seal. Compatible with automatic and semi-automatic packaging machinery.

Re-Seal Top:

Seal top re-closable bags can be made with or without a tamper evident seal. Use for applications that require a product to be repackaged.

Side Weld:

Folded polyethylene sheeting sealed at each side and available flat or with a bottom gusset. Can be made with or without a lip. They are suggested for consumer and retail use.

Wicket Bag:

Side weld with two holes in the lip on a metal wicket. They can be used with automatic or semi-automatic bag openers or in manual operations.

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Build your brand with plastic bags personalized with your logo

Plastic shopping bags, plastic take-out bags, plastic trash bags -- plastic bags may not generate a lot of excitement on your business agenda, but these often overlooked items are essential to many businesses. For instance, plastic bags are a staple in retail and restaurant operations. For these businesses, personalized plastic bags can play a vital role in an overall marketing plan. With the right plastic shopping bags, you can build your brand and reinforce your company image. And when customers leave your establishment carrying pre-printed plastic bags with your company name and logo, they become a walking billboard for other consumers to see.

Plastic bags have dozens of other critical uses in the business arena, including plastic trash bags, plastic storage bags and more.

To get the most bang for your buck from plastic bags:

  1. Choose plastic retail bags in colors and styles that fit the image of your business.
  2. Make sure your plastic bags are sturdy enough to hold your products without breaking.
  3. Use personalized plastic bags with your store name, logo and perhaps your phone number, street address or website address.
  4. Follow vendor guidelines when providing artwork for personalized plastic bags.

Plastic retail bags
Plastic shopping bags come in hundreds of styles - from bargain-basement basic varieties to unique upscale versions. The best plastic retail bags for your business depend largely on your industry - a hardware store has very different needs than an upscale clothing boutique. Also, you need to consider the size and weight of your merchandise when choosing plastic shopping bags.

Plastic take-out bags for restaurants
Many restaurants depend on a thriving take-out business to meet their financial goals. That means you need an ample supply of plastic take-out bags with handles for to-go orders. Printing plastic take-out bags with your company name, logo and phone number increases awareness about your restaurant.

Plastic bags for office supplies
When it comes to plastic trash bags and plastic storage bags for everyday office use, you can find an adequate variety at major office supply stores.

Pre-printed plastic bags
If you want to curb costs, check into pre-printed plastic bags that work for retail or restaurants.

Recycled plastic bags
Recycled plastic bags don't have to be dull or ugly. In fact, recycled plastic bags come in a variety of colors and styles that look just as good as non-recycled plastic bags. For retailers, going green can improve your image with environmentally conscious consumers.

Industrial plastic bags
To store equipment parts and other materials, industrial plastic bags are a popular and affordable choice. Anti-static plastic bags are especially useful for some industries, such as the computer and electronics fields

Promotional plastic bags for trade shows
If trade shows play a part in your marketing plan, promotional plastic bags are an ideal giveaway. Imprinting your company name and/or logo on promotional plastic bags turns these simple totes into a walking calling card.

Tips & Tactics

Helpful advice for making the most of this Guide

  • Be sure that your personalized plastic bags are easy to read from a distance.
  • Track your plastic bag usage and order accordingly to avoid running out of bags or overstocking.
  • It pays to invest in good quality plastic bags. Consumers are more likely to re-use high-quality plastic bags, which provide you with free advertising.

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Industries Served

Plastic bags are used in variety of industries and for hundreds of application. Below is list of industries where plastic bags are used.

  • Agriculture
  • Bakery
  • Apparel
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Hardware
  • Electronics
  • Retailing
  • Fish
  • Food
  • Hosiery
  • Hotel
  • House wares
  • Mailers
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Pet Food
  • Poultry
  • Shoes
  • Trade Shows

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How to choose the best bag for your specific needs.

  • 25 mu (100 gauge) - Used for dust protection; small parts, stationery, and box liners.

  • 38 mu (150 gauge) - Used for moisture protection; manuals, clothing, nuts, candy, other food items, and box liners.

  • 50 mu (200 gauge) - Used for protecting parts, supplies, lightweight, items, clothing, food, and box liners.

  • 75 mu (300 gauge) - Used for medium weight items; hardware, electrical, and plumbing supplies; mattress covers.

  • 100 mu (400 gauge) - Used for bulky items or items requiring added strength; bolts, screws, and industrial parts.

  • 125 mu (500 gauge) - Used for items that require heavy-duty protection; hardware, construction waste, sharp-edged objects.

  • 150 mu (600 gauge) - Used for items requiring extra heavy-duty protection; sharp-edged objects and industrial parts.

  • 200 mu (800 gauge) - Used for heavier; bulkier items requiring maximum strength bag; industrial parts, gears, and heavy metal objects.

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Plastic bag recycling tips


DO find out if your curbside recycling program will accept plastic bags. If not, many of your local supermarket or council recycling are now collecting used plastic bags for recycling.

DON'T recycle the wrong type of plastic bags. Most programs only accept type 2 - HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) bags and type 4 - LDPE & LLDPE (Low & Linear Low Density Polyethylene) bags.

DO check with your recycler before adding other types of plastic film. While some programs do recycle used dry cleaning bags, newspaper bags, and pallet wrap, many are still only accepting type 2 and type 4 plastic bags.

DON'T recycle bags that are in any way contaminated. Bags that have been in direct contact with food or other organic matter are not accepted. Additionally, bags with added features such as zippers, drawstrings, rigid handles, etc. are not recyclable. And make sure that all bags to be recycled are completely empty, clean and dry'even small amounts of contaminants will ruin the recycling process.

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What are the options available when making a custom plastic bags?

There are a large number of alterations that can be made to a bag to ensure that it precisely matches your application.

These changes can be done individually, or in combinations, depending on your needs. The list below contains many, but not all, of the custom options we have to offer you. And if you don't see the particular option you are looking for, please call our custom product experts at 020-8575-8200.

  • Vent Hole - A small hole is added to the bag to allow air and moisture to pass through the bag
  • Hang Hole - A hole is added to the bag, usually near the top, allowing it to hang on a hook or have a tie inserted
  • Grommet - A hang hole reinforced with a metal ring to help keep the bag from tearing
  • Flap Lock - A lip folded back and sealed on the sides, allowing it to be flipped over to lock in the contents of the bag
  • Lip - Making one side of the bag longer at the opening, allowing the bag to be closed by folding over the longer side...can be used with a glue strip
  • Glue Strip - A line of adhesive added to the bag to make it self-sealing...can be permanent or resealable
  • Imprinting - Adding words and/or graphics in one or more colors to the bag
  • White Block - A white area imprinted on the bag allowing it to be written on
  • Pocket - Adding another sheet of plastic to the bag, usually sealed on three sides, to provide additional, separate storage
  • Perforation - A line of small holes placed on a bag to make it easier to tear off or open...can also be used to make a tamper-evident bag
  • Header - A separate, sealed area at the top of the bag, often used to allow a sealed bag to have a hang hole
  • Zipper - A strong, recloseable seal that can be added to many different types of bags
  • Please don't hesitate to call our Customer Service Department at 020-8575-8200 for further information.

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  • Range of capabilities

    Extrusion capabilities

    Minimum Film Width 1' (25mm)

    Maximum Film Width 55' (1400mm) [Note ' max 50' if flat ungussetted film required]

    Minimum Film Thickness 80 gauge (20micron) in special high melt films, otherwise 100 gauge (25micron)

    Maximum Film Thickness 1000 gauge (250micron) [Note ' max 600g above 40' width]

    Film available as Layflat Tubing or Sheeting (Centre Fold, Double Wound, Single Wound and J-Fold)

    Conversion (bag making) capabilities

    Bottom Weld Summary Range of Capabilities

    Minimum Bag Width 1' (25mm)

    Maximum Bag Width 52' (1320mm)

    Minimum Bag Length 3.5' (90mm) then 6' once bag width increases above 24' wide

    Maximum Bag Length 80' (2030mm) then increasing to 105' as bag width increases up to 52' wide

    Minimum Film Thickness 80 gauge (20micron) in special high melt films, otherwise 100 gauge (25micron)

    Maximum Film Thickness 1000 gauge (250micron) [Note 500gauge only if side gusset bag required]

    Perforations plus print register work are fine, plus bottom weld carrier punch handles.

    Side Weld Summary Range of Capabilities

    Minimum Bag Width 4' (100mm)

    Maximum Bag Width 24' (610mm)

    Minimum Bag Length 4.5' (115mm)

    Maximum Bag Length 48' (1220mm)

    Minimum Film Thickness 80 gauge (20micron) in special high melt films, otherwise 100 gauge (25micron)

    Maximum Film Thickness 600 gauge (150micron) [Note 300gauge only if bottom gusset side weld bag]

    Lips on Side weld bags are fine plus adhesive strip sealing capabilities and side weld carrier punch handles.

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    Other Information on Plastic Bags

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    Quotes on Plastic Bags vs. Paper Bags

    New York Times, Greening Up by Cutting Down on Plastic Bags - By IRENA CHOI STERN Published: August 5, 2007

    "Sturdy and easy to use, plastic bags have come to dominate checkout lines since their introduction in 1977. They are not only cheaper to make than paper ones, but also require less energy to recycle and less landfill space."

    'Plastic bags are probably about one penny, paper is three pennies and biodegradable plastic bags, made of potato or cornstarch, are about eight cents'

    "Plastic Bags don't litter ' people litter"

    'People might not be aware that plastic bags are not only recycled into millions of pounds of decking, piers, posts and fencing, but they are also being recycled back into other bags'

    'It was illustrated vividly that a stack of 500 paper bags was two feet high and heavy and 500 plastic bags was two inches high."
    'It requires seven times as many trucks to move an equivalent number of paper bags. The environmental profile of plastic is better than alternatives. It is an environmentally responsible choice to reuse them and recycle them.''

    "The New York Times stated - The paper industry emits the fourth-highest level of carbon dioxide, following the chemical, petroleum, coal products, and primary metals industries"

    US Environmental Agency

    "It takes more than four times as much energy to manufacture a paper bag as it does to manufacture a plastic bag"

    "Paper bags are biodegradable but not when placed into a landfill. Nothing biodegrades in a landfill"

    NRDC and International Coastal Cleanup 2005 Report from the Ocean Conservancy

    "Paper bags generate 70 percent more air pollutants and 50 times more water pollutants than plastic bags"

    "It takes 91 percent less energy to recycle a pound of plastic than it takes to recycle a pound of paper. t takes more than four times as much energy to manufacture a paper bag as it does to manufacture a plastic bag"

    The Film and Bag Federation, USA

    "Compared to paper grocery bags, plastic grocery bags consume 40 percent less energy, generate 80 percent less solid waste, produce 70 percent fewer atmospheric emissions, and release up to 94 percent fewer waterborne wastes, according to the federation"

    We believe plastic bags are better choice than paper bags however we urge to use plastic bags efficiently. Put an effort in ReUse & Recycle them!

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